This unique and original mosaic carving has been created using various images and photos

The mosaic took 4 years to create and has been made using 9 types of exotic hardwoods

  • 38 Pieces Mahogany
  • 43 Pieces Oak
  • 45 Pieces Ash
  • 20 Pieces Walnut
  • 50 Pieces Maple
  • 5 Pieces Cherry Wood
  • 82 Pieces Iroco Wood
  • 2 Pieces Ebony
  • 20 Pieces Green Wood (Mahogany Family)

Totaling 305 individual pieces and hand cut and shaped to suit and I used 1192 screws

This mosaic is currently housed at a private residence in Portsmouth UK with the physical size of 3 meter long and 1.7 meter high and weighs approx 150 KGs

With the intricate carving detail of this piece of mosaic artwork is currently for sale and deserves to take pride of place in a suitable Arabic or Muslim setting

The images on this website do not do the mosaic carving justice and I urge to to arrange a viewing at your convenience


Please contact me to arrange a viewing or to discuss the mosaic

Interview With Al Jazeera